Kingsclere Hunter Trial

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 In 2015 the Kingsclere HT will be Oct 3rd & 4th


Entry details & START Times RESULTS

Class START times

Late Entries may not get a starting time and these competitors must check the website on Friday 3rd Oct for the start & finish times of their class.
They must report to the secretary for a number at least 30mins before the finish time for their class

Saturday classes will be over the 2' 3"(65cm) and 2' 9"(85cm)   courses

Sunday classes will be over the Saturday courses and 3' 1"(94cm) and 3' 6"(105cm) courses

Entries will be available on the day but at a 50% premium   


The HT needs many helpers on the day.

If you would like a free lunch & an enjoyanble day at Kingsclere click here for further details

Click on items below for Schedules & entry form 

2014 Schedule  -    PDF